We are a non profit initiative which is a hub, a home; for all people who want to make a difference. We connect active citizens and corporate citizens with causes who need help, catalyzing change. Our impact 2030 goals are to contribute significantly to the SDG’s and the Africa 2063 Agenda ensuring prosperity for people and planet.



Because we want to mobilize real change to those who need it most.

Inspire action from everyday citizens to lend a helping hand to a cause they care about.



Because there are over 200 000 registered non profit organisations in South Africa and many, many, many of these are doing phenomenal work that help the most vulnerable and issues that need to be addressed in our world as we know it.



Founder, Michelle Korevaar,  an online media and marketing strategist, has many years of experience in serving both local and international business organisations, boards and non-profit organisations. ChangeMakersHub is what she believes is her legacy work, a way she can use the gifts she has been given, the expertise, the network, to build something that will connect and inspire those who want to help with ways they can, for real.


ChangeMakersHub.org serves through the values of PURPOSE, INCLUSIVITY, INTEGRITY, IMPACT. 

To have a greater purpose of ultimate impact.

To invite all role players, across all sectors. There is place for all of us when it comes to making a difference, in fact, it WILL TAKE ALL OF US.

To learn how to hold hands to create enough ripples to make the difference sustainable and scalable.




A ground bases network giving all players, across all sectors, with the common goal of making a difference, an opportunity to amalgamate efforts so that the chaos of social transformation may have a home, a like-minded family, with a united mission of giving a voice and visibility through.

Technology helps facilitate a sustainable and scalable effort. Learning how technology has empowered innovative Start-ups companies that have changed how we use, consume and now give…

  1. Profiling of credible non-profit organisations – we do this through our nomination process (click here)
  2. Adoption by these organisations to get their profile peer reviewed by those who know them and their work and can validate and promote their efforts
  3. The tech enabled platform www.changemakershub.org is a work in progress, self-funded by our founder with only the support of expertise and endorsement
  4. The ultimate vision is that the technology will be developed to a stage that is easy to use: a place to find change near you, read the stories of social entrepreneurs doing amazing work, globally aligned in categories matching the United Nations Impact2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
  5. People who want to help can find social entrepreneurs near them that serve causes they care about, connect and see how they can help. Hopefully the organisation will have supplied a wish list of needs that will help facilitate this process.

Phase 1 launches the Pilot in the Western Cape with the support of the Premiers office.

The objective: to tell the stories of as many of the registered initiatives on the city’s database.

At the core of our operations ChangeMakersHub recruits, trains and mobilizes youth to tell the stories of change – teaching them all aspects of PURPOSE DRIVEN DIGITAL MEDIA.

The exponential impact of the ChangemakersHub formula is the sustainability it gives social entrepreneurship. If 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail, what would the failure rate of Social entrepreneurs reflect?

What could the Change look like?

  1. Help on average 5 situation per month = 85 000 contributions p/m = 1 020 000 per year
  2. If on average each entity supported 3 jobs = 51 000 jobs
  3. If 4 volunteers adopted = Mobilize 68 000 active citizens


Imagine the EVERYDAY CHANGE that each of the Changemaking initiatives make every day?

The Joy of efforts RECOGNISED

How a CONNECTION can help in some small way

IMPACT because every story told, can at the very least, double the efficacy of each ChangeMaking institution


THE TEAM – A FORCE FOR GOOD where our greatest aspiration is to support one another, cohesive activity, that greatest exponential results. We call it #HangingWithHeroes


Our ADVISORY COUNCIL is made up of industry experts that serve as our tribe of leaders, where we bring our collective talents, life experience, time, resource and most importantly, action to catalyze multiple ripples for exponential impact.


Our TASK FORCE TEAM is a group of volunteers that serve as catalysts to ensure the ground work of regular calls to action to make a difference are well organised, successful and inspiring through example.


OUR DIGITAL STORYTELLING ACADEMY is made up of students who come and learn how to use their Digital DNA for Purpose.



Should you want to get involved please connect with

Michelle Korevaar or email startaripple@changemakershub.org


Please Note that there will be regular update and improvements on functionality of ChangeMakersHub. We look forward to growing into this dream of making change accessible to all.


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