PLEASE WALK THE TALK WITH US on the road to impact 2030 and join our EcoChangeMakers Movement

There’s an urgent call to action to save our planet and people from the devastation of plastic.

Our mission is to take plastic waste which is in huge excess and harmful to our world and to repurpose it into building blocks for a better future for all.

The complex crisis of plastic needs all of us to add a ripple of contribution to change our global environmental crisis. TogetherStronger

Which is why we need to set a new benchmark to create innovative ways to not only help clean our planet, but also create earning opportunities.

ChangeMakersHub, a non profit organisation, section 18 a compliant PBO, has developed a tried and tested solution; a blueprint focused on bridging critical gaps to create critical mass solutions to accelerate progress on important impact goals.

It leaves NO-ONE behind, and no one thing, behind, creating prosperity for people and planet!

Even though more and more EcoChangeMakers in governments, businesses, social impact organisations and active citizens are doing what they can to make a difference, contributing to create circular economies that protect planet and people…

#StartaRipple #BeTheChange #PlasticFree #StrongerTogether

The statistics show that the plastic production will increase by 70% in in the next 6 years.

Each person you help us reach, also builds the capacity of our Non profit organisation, making our goal of self-sustainability possible. This movement “paves the way” to the milestones we have planned for, expanding our products of value that can be produced from repurposed plastic.

With enough monies raised we can reach the ultimate goal of establishing innovative micro waste entrepreneurs on the ground at source, where EcoChangeMaking becomes a fulltime job, each community based workshop, set up with recycling equipment that exponentially increases the plastic ‘we’ can repurpose, while creating full circle sustainable revenue opportunities for unemployed people of South Africa.

Please become an EcoChangeMaker today and join our movement.  It’s about people choosing to do, rather than talk, its about coming together, it’s about being a helpful, solution driven, part of the greater equation.

Join EcoChangeMakers today to contribute to a solution-driven movement, focusing on people choosing to act rather than talk, bringing together and contributing to the greater equation.


How to get involved:
Choose a contribution
1. Product donation of any wishlist items to min value of R10 000
2. Sponsor a Bench into a community
3. Build a Bench on your premises
4. Donation of rand value
5. Tiered sponsorship opportunities for Impact Partners


We are a registered non-profit organisation
NPC 2013/030242/08 and PBO Reference No. 930070887

Our mandate falls under Welfare and Humanitarian, Poverty and Disaster Relief, Community Development Education and Skills Development, Research, and Providing support to other non-profit organisations.

We are compliant and fulfill many KPIs for social impact and corporate investment. SARS registered, and any donations over R1000 qualify for a Section 18A certificate.

Donations information

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    Bank: FNB, Tableview
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