A call for support.

Local businesswoman, Michelle Korevaar is taking (hundreds of thousands) steps in the name of creating jobs! Let’s help her get to the end of her pilgrimage for change.

Founder of Change Makers Hub, Michelle Korevaar, continues her journey of walking no less than 800km! Having set off on 1 July to walk the Camino Frances in Spain (a sacred pilgrimage from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela), this August will see Michelle continue to take meaningful steps as she walks kilometres upon kilometres each day in her quest to change lives and raise funds for the organisation she founded.

ChangeMakersHUB was founded in order to connect those who want to make a difference with charities that need help. Advocacy through giving a home and voice to the good work that charities do for the most vulnerable and encouraging action from active citizens and corporates alike is an everyday mission. After being on the front line through Covid assisting where they could, Michelle embarked on a mission to formulate an easily replicable blueprint for change that would help empower vulnerable communities so that they could get a hand up rather than a handout.

Long term sustainable change within vulnerable communities is the goal by creating an inclusive formula within the emerging circular economy, thus addressing the pressing challenge of food security whilst incorporating climate-smart solutions.

“Never before has the world, or her people, needed as much or as desperately as it needs right now,” stresses Korevaar.

The devastation of a global pandemic, rising unemployment, escalating inflation, amongst so many other socio-economic legacy challenges; continues to exacerbate the dire situation already present in so many under resourced and poverty-stricken communities.

ChangeMakersHUB seeks to eradicate this poverty and bring sustainable relief to these communities, especially the ones being left behind. Their Circular Economy Impact Accelerator programme, two years in, is reaping in success. The iconic Nelson Mandela Foundation, chose the ChangeMakers Clanwilliam Legacy Garden as its official Western Cape partner for last month’s Mandela Day.

The garden is a town center piece of previously neglected park, that now showcases the learn, clean, green, grow, build and craft formula. Educating and creating a ripple effect of action with an inclusive cross sector focus provides communities like Clanwilliam, with the invaluable opportunity to come together and effect far-reaching beneficial change for themselves and generations to come. The goal – to create significant and sustainable value, by repurposing waste into value, upskilling local unemployed citizens, impacting not only the environment but so too job creation and the economic growth of the community. And, in that, the formulation of a blueprint – easily scalable and able to be shared and implemented across other deserving communities.

In line with that, Korevaar’s 800km pilgrimage embodies the next steps needed on this change journey educating on the devasting effects of plastic to our planet and providing a solution through an Eco Changemaker team that can make this much-needed action a full-time job. One Eco Changemaker employed can empower 100 more vulnerable citizens on ways to be create a ripple effect of sustainable value for themselves while being valuable contributors to society and our environment.

Changing The World – Literally, One Step Or One Cent At A Time

We call on your support for this courageous South African woman as she battles the elements and harsh climates. All pledges received will be used to develop this team to continue the legacy of empowering communities in need. The next steps will see community members trained in the art of building ecobricks (thus ridding their community of waste) and going on to build, grow and maintain sustainable community food garden pods.

Organisations and members of the public can get involved in one of the three following ways:

  • Sponsor an amount per km.
    No amount is ever too small. Rally with friends and colleagues and remember, all contributions add up and will be used to continue effecting positive and sustainable change.
  • With or without a donation, please use your voice to share this with your family, friends, and networks. Be part of a ripple effect of spreading this story and thus, be part of effecting the much-needed change.
  • Like ChangemakersHUB.org on Facebook and find ways to make your own EcoBricks to donate to their community garden pod builds.

Make your pledge here.
Online: https://www.changemakershub.org/online-donation

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Bank: FNB, Tableview

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