Written by Brooke Bettis 


We as humans have an obligation to better the economy, our society, and the earth we walk on. A circular economy is something that can help us do that on a more person-to-person basis. To talk about how beneficial it is to contribute to a circular economy we must know what it is first: Circular economy is the consumption and production model where you use, reuse, refurbish, and share products and materials for as long as humanly possible, hence the term “circular” economy.


Now that we understand what this concept is, let’s dive into the benefits!  According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation “applying circular economy principles significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions”. This explains l that a circular economy can drastically deter or at least slow down the physical effects of climate change that these gasses contribute to.


On the purely economic side, to put it simply, It makes economic endeavors more secure. The whole concept of Circular economy is to cut down on material and product usage. This can boil down to the company themselves, when they start integrating reusable or more eco-friendly materials in production this will not only save them money. Integrating a circular economy into their business model can also provide less risky investment strategies by decoupling growth from resource production and material usage.


The next question is how. You can contribute to creating your own circular economy and contribute to the slowing down of Climate change and economic turmoil in the long run.


Few ways you can help out

  • Recycle all recyclable products/ materials
  • Create a garden cycle that starts at the seed and ends with compost made up of leftovers
  • Refurbish clothing, furniture and other nick nacks to cut down cost, production, and waste.
  • Research and try to integrate energy conservation and the different ways to start an at-home energy conservation cycle. This can be anything from shutting down lights to solar power electrical systems. This might sound daunting but it is doable in your day-to-day.


The key to integrating this model into our lives is being able to define it and define ways we can start on an individual level. A circular economy is a way of the future, this will help our society, economy, and earth last a long time.



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