This 1st of July launches a call-to-action from ChangeMakersHub; a South African non-profit organisation, for individuals who want make a difference for our planet and people; to join their EcoChangeMakers movement.

Why? in the face of the triple planetary crisis, world powers are calling for citizens to be part of the solution. Did you know that since 2011, Plastic Free July® has been a key initiative of the Plastic Free Foundation, An award winning global Initiative that has mobilized millions towards their vision of seeing a world free of plastic waste.

Mandela Day, celebrated every year on the 18th July brings us together as a global community to commemorate and honour his legacy by doing work to better our communities and neighbourhoods. #ItsInYourHands is the powerful message.

Alone I am a drop, together we are an ocean. Inspired by the greats. Supporting movements for change is an essential part of impact. The concept of stronger together is cliché if Change-focused organisations stand alone. Which is why July is an apt month for us to launch EcoChangeMakers.

ChangeMakersHub have dedicated several years to exploring the solutions to plastic waste and how to put the power of real and relevant action into the hands of all who want to build a better tomorrow. July sees us take the next steps. We commit to taking actions as led by the Plastic Free July initiative, and on Mandela day we will #WalkTheTalk On the 18th July with fellow citizens, youth and community leaders by cleaning Milnerton’s Sunset Beach; which has seen the brunt of excess waste making its way into her ocean.

The Sustainable Development Goals ask that we leave NO ONE BEHIND. And yet so many are. The world is in crisis facing many large and looming issues that feel overwhelming to us all. Which is why the EcoChangeMakers Challenge now invites anyone who wants to make a difference to take back their power for purpose and be the change the world needs.

Never underestimate a small group of passionate people…

“As large as what the triple planetary crisis is, I believe, that the power of people is what will make the difference. We need to be better informed of the true facts and understand the complex problem in ways that empower us to make the change that will bridge crucial gaps in the circular economy”

How? The EcoChangeMakers equips you to become an advocates who can inspire through example. For each one that joins us, the ripple effect grows stronger and can turn the tide on the devastation plastic is wreaking on our planet and our people.

A reason, a season or a legacy?

One of the 10 calls to action form the Mandela Foundation, is to “Volunteer, collaborate, come together and take part in a clean-up in your neighbourhood. Cleaning the environment benefits the entire community in different ways.”

On the 18th July ChangeMakersHub will #WalkTheTalk with fellow citizens, youth, community leaders by cleaning Milnerton’s Sunset Beach, which has seen the brunt of excess waste making its way into her ocean.

EcoChangeMakers will #WalkTheTalk

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