2200km, 24hrs NON-STOP for 10 days from Pretoria to Cape Town.



It costs R20 000 to give one child mobility, we hope to give seven children the gift of mobility with the help of your generous donations.

The Northern Cape is the province with the highest prevalence of persons with disabilities in South Africa (11%), particularly children. These children have physical disabilities most commonly resulting from Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Bifida, amputations, genetic syndromes, spinal injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

Unfortunately, rural areas such as those in the Northern Cape are near impossible to manage. Even basic infrastructure is a challenge, let alone flight routes or public transport to and from larger metropoles. Often children are left undiagnosed due to a lack of medical facilities or access to healthcare professionals.

These children are the most vulnerable of the community and are often neglected and abused.

OCAL Global NPC have identified over 133 children in the region with immediate, short and long terms needs they have already been named as beneficiaries of the OCAL2019 Journey for Change.

Starting on the 9th May 2019, a team of 12  differently abled runners will take on this incredible non-stop 24 hour, epic 10 day, 2200km journey from Pretoria to Cape Town, leading up to the final stage of the journey, team OCAL Global will make their way to the start line of the FNB 12 ONERUN on the 19th May, this being the fourth of OCAL Global’s annual Journey For Change initiatives to challenge and change the perception around disability.

The proceeds raised from this project will be used to immediately improve the mobility and day-to-day living needs of the seven children identified in the Northern Cape. Wheel chairs, walkers, buggies, crutches and other requirements will be purchased and implemented in consultation with our occupational therapist partners.

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