July is no ordinary Change Making month for the non-profit organisation; ChangeMakersHub (CMH). This small but highly active charity commemorates Mandela’s call to make every day a Mandela Day. Our mission is to mobilize as many people as possible to generate a plastic waste free world. Not just today, or for July; this is the first step on a journey, where we will measure the collective impact of all those who join us on the Road to Impact 2030; and share our results towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Why #PlasticFree” says Korevaar, the founding director of CMH. “The triple planetary crisis is not a theory anymore. The global average temperature has consistently been 1,5 degrees Celsius for over a year. We are there. It is creating a tide of devastation. But what many people don’t realise is they have the power to curb this crisis. As cliché as it sounds, it is truly in our hands and well within reach, if given the right support.

Our EcoChangeMakers Programme is a community development programme that provides anyone, anywhere, with easy to understand facts and actions that empower people to be able to take climate action in real and relevant ways.

In celebration of World Environment Day on June 5th, ChangeMakersHub, hosted a pivotal “Mind The Gap” event at PWC Business School. Leaders from across all sectors, including local and international representatives from government, leadership and learning institutes, big business, civil society and youth, filled the room to full capacity; showing up to learn how they can become EcoChangeMakers.

Kiara Worth, a United Nations climate change activist and storyteller, sent a video from Bonn in which she explained the intricacies of the plastic treaty and the challenges the powers that be face in coming to a final decree. Her message thanked ChangeMakersHub and their EcoChangeMakers programme for doing the essential work that counts to make the difference needed right now.

Today, with over 80 000 tonnes of plastic leakage into South Africa’s oceans per year, CMH has dedicated the EcoChangeMakers Programme to catch harmful non-recyclable plastic at source and repurpose it out of the equation altogether.

This programme has been piloted and successfully adopted into a blueprint that is easily replicable through their Train the Trainer programme, which has the potential to catalyze mass climate action and repurpose plastics for the greater good rather than merely relocating them to landfills.

Impressive testimonials from impact partners and beneficiaries highlight the benefits in not only addressing plastic waste in an easy, fun and innovative way, but the EcoChangeMakers Programme; truly empowers communities to be informed, active and each contribute significantly to the greater good.

“Our mission and greatest aspiration is to empower individuals everywhere to take climate action as part of a collective by joining our EcoChangeMakers Movement.  For every active citizen, for every leadership institute, for every corporate citizen that joins us; together the impact is significant across all the sustainable development goals. We MUST #WalkTheTalk”

By signing up with this quick and easy registration you will become one of our ECO ChangeMakers https://forms.gle/LNhUL4sigpLxwjXc7

Don’t forget to follow us across our social media channels, where we will keep you connected on all future activations and progress: https://qrco.de/bdCusu

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