As Movemakers production develops and grows the company wants to strive to become an independent studio, where the dancers and artists alike feel free to explore their creative styles and grow individually and create prosperise future in the art world.

In last year Movemakers Production was in numerous artscape throughout the Westcoast route of Western Cape. They were lead by international dancers Peterjohn Reid and Nikita Hare.

Peter and Nikita are part of a protegious dance group from their home town Atlantis. They both competed and won numerous awards for their respect dance styles and are expected to achieve much more. They started Movemakers production as a way to express themselves and to encourage others to find a career through unconventional manners.

  • Experience: workshops with talented coaches in Atlantis
  • Last year showcased in Langabaan,
  • Heavenly heaven retreats sponsored them to perform at their event
  • Two dancers has been selected for a singer called Jane, thinking about you
  • – battleground 3rd place


Meet The Team

Nikita Hare

Peter John Reid

Kaydin Davids

Shane Hoop

Tristan Liederman

Veruschkah Martin


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