ChangeMakershub is proud to announce the addition of Singer-songwriter, Leadership Development specialist Roeshdien Jaz as an #AmbassadorForChange


Founder of ChangeMakershub; Michelle Korevaar had this to say;  Our world needs role models and to our ChangeMakersHub family having an Ambassador like Roeshdien Jaz fills our hearts with joy. He uses his “stage”, his voice, his influence, all for the greater good. This is true leadership. Our mission at Changemakershub is to inspire every human being to #bethechange the world needs. Our world needs role models like Roeshien who has taken his trials and tribulations and turned them into victories for humankind in a variety of ways. It’s an absolute honour.


Committed, to using every single skill, gift, talent and life experience that he has been blessed with, to add value to the lives of the people around him, be it through his music, the leadership development work de does in the corporate (BPO) environment, his professional coaching practice, Roeshdien is extremely passionate about the development of people and using music as a medium for social change and transformation

This humble man truly stands by his motto of #LiveYourLegacy as his actions show. From acting both on stage and in movies to his international chart busting hits.


A sold-out Spring Concert on the 27 September 2015 called, ‘The Gratitude Café’, inspired by a Facebook Group pioneered by Roeshdien and friend Jo O Bosman. A space where ‘like-minded’ people can connect, share inspiration, stories and most importantly, take some time out to celebrate the ‘Gift of life’.


His performance 28 November 2015, inspired by ‘16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM’ for violence against women/children, in association with the ‘IHATA’ Shelter for Abused Women & Children, called ‘Be a Man’ (“Time to take a stand or take the blame…#BeAMan). A show named after a power ballad written & produced by Clive Ridgway, was once again performed to a sold-out audience at ‘The Reeler Theatre’ (Rondebosch Boys High School), and also covered by CTTV.

Roeshdien was also invited to be a part of an emerging artist “Mentee Programme” with Dr Trevor Jones & RJ Benjamin in 2015, facilitated by Music Exchange (Martin Myers), Founder/CEO.


Roeshdien’s personal message; Having lived through my darkest hours (26 Sept 2012, 3 major surgeries, 8 rounds of chemotherapy and an ileostomy bag attached to my tummy for 8 months). I have come to the realization at this stage of my journey, that it’s not how much time we have on this planet, but ultimately how we choose to occupy our time. And so with the ‘extra time’ I have been given, to fulfill what I believe to be my soul purpose…Right now, it’s about using every single, life experience, skill, gift and talent that I have been blessed with, to create something, that will outlive me. To inspire courage, hope and faith, and impact lives in a positive way. Be it through my music, as an emerging (Singer-Songwriter), my professional coaching practice (Feel 4 Life) or the Leadership Development work I do, in the corporate (BPO) environment. Purpose driven, I exist purely to add value, to be a catalyst for change/personal transformation and to ultimately build a legacy, for my family and generations to follow in my community and with God’s grace, beyond. My passion is music/people/personal/leadership development. And my music, is simply another medium for social change and transformation…#RoeshdienJaz #KnowYourWhy #LiveYourLegacy

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