Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must but take a step.” – Naeem Callaway


A word from Michelle Korevaar, the founder of ChangeMakersHUB

Tomorrow, Friday the 1st, I embark on the famous +/-740km Camino in Spain; from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela – a sacred pilgrimage walked for thousands of years; leading to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great (Luke the Disciple) coming to rest at the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (I will post more on the history and meaning of the Camino).

The road to Impact 2030

Founded 5 years ago, the devastating Covid-19 pandemic saw ChangeMakersHUB – a Public Benefits Organization and Non-Profit company – mobilize front line action assisting the ChangeMakers profiled in our Hub to help serve their vulnerable communities on the ground.

It has been awe inspiring to see all kinds of support coming in from so many active and corporate citizens wanting to help. The burning question for many of us seeing the absolute devastation is – where to from here? The greatest lesson learnt, with consensus from changemakers, is that change going forward needs focus on delivering a real and measurable impact towards sustainable solutions.

But how…

What purpose, with integrity and inclusivity, could bring about measurable progressive impact towards prosperity for people and planet?

This became our mission; a work in action. Excitingly – ChangeMakersHUB has through research, analysis and best practice formulas, developed an Impact Accelerator programme that insists on inclusivity and bridging the many divides, especially the disempowering gap between sustainability, climate change and food security. The programme focuses on upskilling and creating to empower the most vulnerable; all of which feeds into the new evolving circular economy

In a history making time of world crisis, this is easily said, but not easily done. Thanks to a hardworkingdevelopment board, ongoing commitment and collaboration from partners and stakeholders, volunteers carrying the torch and giving their skill to the cause; ChangemakersHUB has grown our human family dedicated with unwavering commitment to finding a way for a better tomorrow.

On the Camino I am carrying dedicated ribbons in honour of them. They are in my backpack and when I come across a special place, I’m going to tie the ribbon with a prayer of gratitude and tribute to the light they bring into the world – you can follow me on FB, I’ll try to upload the photos as I go.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

The success of completion of phase 2 in the form of a living tribute; ‘Clanwilliam ChangeMakers Legacy Garden’ is solid testimony to this. It makes visible the power of collective action and how ‘the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts’. The growth and nurturing beyond this Legacy Garden is where the true growth and fruit will be reaped. (read more)

A recent visit and subsequent honour, to be chosen by the iconic Nelson Mandela Foundation as its partner of choice in the Western Cape, ahead of this year’s Mandela Day has assisted in ensuring the ongoing development of this inclusive circular economy vision. (read more)

Today, I find myself in Pamplona, Spain. I left home on Monday evening and it’s been quite the travel adventure; Cape Town – Doha – Paris – Madrid – Pamplona. I caught up on some sleep and now as I prepare myself for the upcoming journey, I am deeply reflective of the blessing and the challenge this opportunity provides.

  • The professional honour of flying my country’s flag to create awareness and support for our South African ChangeMakers.
  • Taking the steps on a long journey, because real change doesn’t come from one step, but many small steps.
  • ChangemakersHUB’s call to action to join our movement; start a ripple and give someone the dignity of work.
  • Personally, the Camino holds great value and meaning for me; I have a history with the Camino and know how powerful the spirit of hope and faith is that you find, not only on the route, but inside of yourself.

Not only will the coming weeks bring with it much personal soul searching and introspection but, so too, the opportunity to share with those whom share the journey along the way, stories of hope and resilience, courage and determination and how, together, we truly can change the world!

I am in no way a perfect fit for the task. I’ve asked myself 100x whether I can do the opportunity ahead the justice it deserves – both for change in the non-profit sector and so too the Camino.

The coming weeks may, at times (physically and emotionally), demand more than I feel I may have to give. I know that what I have experienced through Covid holds a very real trauma for me and it’s going to surface along the way, and I will need to deal with it. I would like to do so transparently as I feel it is so symbolic of the reality for countless citizens in our country and around the world, both over the last two years and, tragically, for many years and decades before then.Yes, there will be times when we are too tired to get back up. And there will be times when we feel raw and hurt and incapable of going on! In those moments, we need to rest! But then – we need to get back up! The world has never needed us more. We need to rise and be the ChangeMakers that the world and its people need!

And, when we all make this decision and rise together – that is when miracles happen!

With such heartfelt gratitude for your support – both on the journey that has been, and for all the steps that lie ahead!


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