For two years CMH has dived Deep into developing an inclusive circular economy while creating prosperity for people and planet

A legacy garden of show and tell is the result in a small rural town up the west coast of Cape Town. Endorsed by the Mandela foundation and chosen as the Western Cape representative garden for International Mandela day

July 2022 saw the next steps with ChangeMakersHub’s founder embarking on a pilgrimage journey for change, walking the 800km Camino de Santiago, to raise  awareness and support in order for the ripple effect to continue.

Training local teams, sharing this blue-print into more communities is the ultimate goal.

November sees the “access – learn – clean – green – build – create – earn – partner” inclusive circular economy Programme being shared into a small community in Melkbos.

What took two years to develop, has given us the tools to share our knowledge in one month and therefore start a ChangeMaking journey for many more

The blueprint is in constant developement but the most important thing we have learned is the greatest results come from taking action.



Does your company reach deep into the communities?

By selling your brand into those communities it may, but making a real difference, a positive empowering impact, as you will know, is much more difficult.

Please join our movement, and you will empower the most vulnerable communities of our country. All products and monetary contributions qualify for a S18 A certificate.


Ways you can assist

Start a Ripple – Grow a Legacy – how you can participate:

Donations information

Specific contributions: Product we need for our ChangeMaking day.

General Donate

Donate towards a Job For Change to address climate action and hunger – For a Day– For a Week – For a Month

Once off Payfast or Paypal:

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Direct EFT:

Account Name:  ChangeMakersHub

Bank: FNB, Tableview

Account Number: 62769924707

All of above qualify for section 18a certificates.



Non-Profit Registration no: 2013/030242/08

PBO Reference no: 930070887

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